Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Missing in action!!!!

OM Goodness its been such a long time since I posted anything on my blog, I have had a long hot glorious summer with not much crafting time, more on that later!!

At last I am joining in some challenges and getting back into the swing of visiting some of my favourite blogs.  My first challenge has to be the Hero Arts one always my favourite stamp company.
This months challenge is a "Makeover Challenge" so I trawled through my cards and decided to give this card a makeover and hopefully a more modern CAS look.

I made this card back in December 2013 and was a card I had cased from one made by Jacqueline, I love the soft arty look but wanted to update it a little.

I am pleased with the cleaner look.

I wanted to add some photographs of my wonderful holiday in beautiful Lake Como ,Italy. 

Stunning Argegno, on Lake Como.

What a view!!

The food was amazing!

Pink Prosecco and Italian style Tapas!

The sunrise from our balcony was amazing!

Hope you have all had a great summer.


Dotty Jo said...

Love the card makeover. Fabulous pics - I love Italy so much. I talked Andy into a holiday in this country...Well two mini-breaks this year. I just didn't fancy the whole airport/flying/long waits thing. We went to Falmouth and later to Derbyshire (Chatsworth Estate - you'd love it if you haven't already been). Both beautiful, amazing locations, fab hotel and pub but I'm now missing my trip to the sun and feel like I'm missed out a bit with regard to the summer. Glad you are having a great time and not missing work one little bit, Jo x

Betty said...

so glad to see you back, Sally - and your makeover is wonderful! beautiful photos of Italy - love that last one of the sunrise - God certainly paints beautifully!

Dawn T said...

welcome back Sally. Looks like a fabulous summer. Such a beautiful place. Your updated version of the earlier card is great.

Joan Smith said...

OMG Your card is Gorgeous....definitely an outstanding creative job!! Your Vaca pic are fabulous and the scenery is so beautiful. Glad you had a spectacular Summer!!